Our medication management solution, my-medPak, empowers patients and providers to successfully manage chronic conditions to ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Our personalized approach simplifies the process of managing medications.


No more confusion about next doses

No more pill boxes or bulky blister cards

No more trips to a pharmacy

No more worrying about refills


  • Comprehensive Medication Review and Physician Communication-A my-medPak pharmacists will conduct a comprehensive medication review of all prescriptions to assess medication therapy and optimize patient outcomes.   We communicate directly with all of patient’s physician(s) to address any issues or concerns.


  • The Medication Preparation and Clinical Medication Synchronization-We prepare all of patient’s medications and align routine medications to be filled at the same time each month.  A pharmacist will conduct clinical disease state monitoring to ensure desired therapeutic goals.


  • The my-medPak Box-After the reconciliation process is completed, we package all of the patient’s medications in customized, easy-to-use medPaks.  Our pharmacists utilize customized technology to inspect each my-medPak box to ensure it is accurate.


  • The Medication Delivery-The my-medPak Box will be delivered to the patient each month to a location of their choice.


  • Ongoing Patient Engagement-Throughout each month the my-medPak Care Team engages each patient to monitor their progress, answer any questions and deliver pertinent information to ensure optimal outcomes.  This communication is accomplished through call, text, email and alerts/reminders.